Welcome Keynote Speaker Tim Boucher

Keynote Speaker Tim Boucher        


May 15, 2014 

The Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is hosting a popular and entertaining birder, Tim Boucher. You can learn from one of the best at various events planned May 16 and 17. On various kinds of transportation – including bus, horseback and kayak – the festival takes birders of all skill levels to the great birding locations in the state.


Boucher – a Nature Conservancy Geographer – got the birding bug 30 years ago when he was living in South Africa. His passion for birding (and travel) has taken him to 48 countries on six continents. He says he’s loved every minute of it, but something changed two decades ago.


“After spending a year birding on North, Central and South America, I came to the realization that watching birds wasn’t enough. I had to do something to conserve their habitat,” says Tim Boucher. “At that point, I got involved in conservation science to find ways to protect our feathered friends.

Though Boucher does not consider himself a lister, he does have a list of 4,727. He is particularly interested in encouraging new birders of all ages.


“I love to talk to people about birds and birding, especially getting the chance to take people out and inspire them to get interested in conservation through birds,” adds Boucher.


People in Utah have a chance to learn from Tim Boucher at this year’s Great Salt Lake Bird Festival. There are spaces for the following events:


  • Saturday, May 17 from 9am-noon: Bus trip to Farmington Bay #35

  • Friday, May 16 at 3pm: FREE! Learn Bird Calls and Smartphone Birding Apps

  • Saturday, May 17 at 6pm: Keynote speech: Birding in West Africa-Ghana & Cameroon

You can visit The Nature Conservancy’s Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve—a world-renowned migratory bird habitat located along the eastern shore of the Great Salt Lake—year round, dusk to dawn. This year, the Conservancy celebrates the 10th anniversary of the preserve’s award-winning visitor facilities and is planning an open house in late May to provide an opportunity for people to connect with nature.

Tim started birding in high school, in South Africa – over 30 years ago – and quickly became addicted.  He contracted the associated travel bug right away. While at university, he traveled widely –to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the deserts of Namibia, and elsewhere in Southern Africa. Later, he took part in a massive bird atlas project – one that covered the seven countries of Southern Africa over five years – further fueling his love of birding (and the wonderful places it took him to). Then came the trip of a lifetime – a year of backpack birding in the Western Hemisphere. Starting in Los Angeles, he and two friends made their way down to Brownsville, Texas, and then followed the spring migration up to the San Juan Islands in Washington. From the U.S., he travelled to Guatemala for two weeks, Costa Rica for two months, and finally Ecuador for three months. This was a life-changing trip, which eventually led him back to the United States where he volunteered on a bird study, met his wife, and did a graduate degree in Geography. And he hasn’t stopped birding . He’s now been to 47 countries on 6 continents, birding every possible moment. Though he does not consider himself a lister, he does have a list of approximately 4,727 species in 201 of the 227 families.  He is particularly interested in encouraging new birders of all ages. Tim works for the Nature Conservancy and recently was highlighted in the Conservancy’s magazine for his birding exploits.  

Tim is sponsored by \Tthe Nature Conservancy, Utah

Welcome to Tim and his lovely wife Ellen!

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