Art Exhibit Information

Come exhibit at the Annual Great Salt Lake Bird Festival. This Festival
draws people of all ages who have an interest in birds and nature. The Festival
is advertised in national birding magazines, birding clubs and organizations, in
Utah’s surrounding states, and on the West Coast. Visitors to previous
Festivals have come from all across the nation.
Acceptable Categories:


All original clay work. No commercial molds or machine or mass produced work.

Digital Art:

2D works utilizing computer technology to create and/or manipulate visual images. All work must be signed and numbered as a limited edition.


Crayon, charcoal, pencil, ink, chalk, pastel.


No commercial molds or other forms of mass production allowed.


No commercial casts, molds, or production studio work.


Nonsculptural metal work.


Oil, acrylics, watercolor, alkyd, pastel, tempera, other.


Prints made from artist’s original negative; must be signed and numbered.


Any method used to pull an image from a surface (stone, block, plate, screen, etc.) prepared by the artist and signed and numbered.


Three dimensional original work done in any medium will be considered.

Wearable Art:

Leather, fiber, metal and all handmade wearable work. No mass production work will be accepted.


Original hand-tooled machine-worked, or carved work.

2/3 Dimensional Mixed Media:

Includes collage and handmade paper and non-sculptural work.

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